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Career in Gaming Sector | Salary | Jobs | Courses | Complete Details | EA Games

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Career in Gaming Sector | Salary | Jobs | Courses | Complete Details | EA Games

In this video we will discuss about gaming career in India and also its salary, courses degrees which can be done after 12th and after graduation.

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How this professional gamer invests and saves his salary

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23-year-old Jake Lyon is a professional player in the Overwatch League for the Houston Outlaws. Prior to becoming a professional gamer, Lyon studied economics in college but fell a few credits short of his degree before switching careers. That foundation, along with an internship working with a financial adviser, taught him enough basics to start investing. Here’s how he picks his investments and why he saves 65% of his income.
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r/EntitledParents - "My Son Is a Pro Gamer" - "No...He's 11, He Can't Be." | Ep.15

Everyone hates entitled people. Entitled parents who have entitled children are even worse. Welcome to episode 15 of r/entitledparents where I hope you’ll find these stories entertaining.

Here are the stories in this Entitled Parents episode:

0:30 – My Son is a Pro Gamer…He Needs This For Free!
6:45 – Em wants me to give up my seat for her daughter.
9:30 – Child breaks 00 desktop…Mom blocks our number and forgets about it.

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Gaming Careers in India 2019 – Job Prospects, Salary, Skills Required

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In this video Puja is going to explain on the new career aspects in the gaming industry in India for the next 5 years. Hope this video is quite interesting and helpful. Do subscribe our channel which helps us to build more content for you.
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