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So you want to be a Professional gamer? ESPORTS HOPEFULS WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

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For any1 that ever wanted to be a Progamer but didn’t know how if they should at all. If you have an Esports dream watch this video.

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Smash vs School: Becoming a Professional Gamer

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Everyone wants to be a Pro Super Smash Bros player for the Nintendo Switch but at what cost? Is dropping out of school a viable option to be the best Melee player in the world? Perhaps quitting your job to be the best Smash 4 player? Let’s talk about it.

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professional gamer maneuver

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mario kart wii
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E-sports is undergoing explosive development in China. E-sports players have also gone from the underground to the public, becoming icons of the new era. Yet the players who have been on stage are rarely noticed, and few people know what they’re going through behind the scenes. This episode tells the story of E-sports professional athletes’ experiences in their career.

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MTV True Life I m a professional gamer part 3 Finally!

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Here you guys go, im sorry it took so long to upload.
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Too easy for a professional gamer like me (Master Trials)

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Game: Breath of the Wild (Master Trials)

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I tried to become a professional gamer… and failed (Black Ops 3 – VMP Gameplay)

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How this professional gamer invests and saves his salary

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23-year-old Jake Lyon is a professional player in the Overwatch League for the Houston Outlaws. Prior to becoming a professional gamer, Lyon studied economics in college but fell a few credits short of his degree before switching careers. That foundation, along with an internship working with a financial adviser, taught him enough basics to start investing. Here’s how he picks his investments and why he saves 65% of his income.
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r/EntitledParents - "My Son Is a Pro Gamer" - "No...He's 11, He Can't Be." | Ep.15

Everyone hates entitled people. Entitled parents who have entitled children are even worse. Welcome to episode 15 of r/entitledparents where I hope you’ll find these stories entertaining.

Here are the stories in this Entitled Parents episode:

0:30 – My Son is a Pro Gamer…He Needs This For Free!
6:45 – Em wants me to give up my seat for her daughter.
9:30 – Child breaks 00 desktop…Mom blocks our number and forgets about it.

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning into this episode of Reddit Entitled Parents. If you enjoyed the video please like, comment and share it!

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Best of Ludwig – Professional Gamer | Super Smash Bros. Melee

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He’s a Professional Gamer.

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Secret Pro Makeup Artist DESTROYS Regular People (SFX Makeup Challenge)

What It's Like To Be A Female Professional Gamer

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What It's Like To Be A Female Professional Gamer

A professional female Counter-Strike team named “Selfless”, talks about their experience of getting paid to travel and play video games.

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Playing Garena Free Fire (Professional Gamer is back )

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Hii friends I’m Professional Gamer .
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