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Pro gamer serie survival 1.1.4

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Today, we’re back playing with the incredible HTC VIVE which allows us to explore the world of VIRTUAL REALITY!! In this video, we start testing out some potential new jobs starting with A CHEF!!

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Trying to FIX a Job Lot of Faulty Cheap Handheld Gaming Consoles

Hi, this ‘trying to fix’ video shows me attempting to repair a job lot of faulty cheap handheld consoles that I bought from eBay.
The timestamps for each fix are listed below:
Intellivision – 12:08
Mega Joy 2000 – 28:05
Football game – 39:59
PXP3 – 46:45
Remember that this is just for entertainment and I am not an expert in these repairs. The processes in the video may not be the best way, the correct way or the safest way to fix these things.
I do love fault finding and trying to fix broken things so I hope that comes across in this ‘Trying to FIX’ series.
Many thanks, Vince.

Ich Bezahle ein Fortnite PRO GAMER GIRL für einen EPISCHEN SIEG

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Ich buche online ein Pro Gamer Girl, das mir in Fortnite Battle Royale einen EPIC WIN besorgen soll und mich in dem Spiel trainieren soll. Das kam dabei raus…


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Before Apple: Steve Jobs at Atari | Gaming Historian

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Before Apple: Steve Jobs at Atari | Gaming Historian

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Gaming Historian provides a history of Steve Jobs time at Atari. Before Steve Jobs changed the world of technology at Apple, he was just a college dropout looking for a job. He ended up at a new startup video game company, Atari, where he worked on one of their most popular titles.

Some arcade footage provided by Old Classic Retro Gaming:

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Get Paid To Play Games As Video Game Tester

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Get Paid To Play Games As Video Game Tester

Yes you can earn money playing video games. You probably know that gaming companies pay big money testing out games for better user experience.

Hundreds of market research companies and video game companies are ready to pay big money to video game testers because they desperately want to understand how you think and shop.

The more games you play the more opportunities you will have to collect rewards and redeem them for vouchers and cash after completing these gaming jobs online.

You can get paid cash for testing out games and most users make money or redeem their first reward withing 24 hours.


Video Game Definition

Video Game – Wikipedia


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Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The Last of Us 2

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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Bio Mutant

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Skull and Bones

Age of Empires IV

Death Stranding
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Kingdom Craze – Get Paid to Play Games

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Click the Link Above to Join the Kingdom Craze Alliance!

Kingdom Craze is an absolutely amazing new gaming platform, that not only allows you to play hundreds of online games, for free, but also allows you to GET PAID TO PLAY GAMES! Yes, you heard me correctly. You get “Paid,” for playing “Games!”

There are hundreds of games on Kingdom Craze, but the primary game is Kingdom Craze itself. Your goal is to obtain land, or estates, such as Hovels, Villages, Fiefs, and Kingdoms. These estates earn the currency, of the realm, called crowns, or Krun, every single day. And Krun can be exchanged for REAL MONEY!

But owning estates is only ONE way to earn money in Kingdom Craze. You also earn Krun for playing any of the other games on Kingdom Craze. Plus, you will be able to battle other players and capture estates, which also earn money for you.

In order to be effective at raiding other estates, you need to be part of an alliance, the larger, the better. Which, of course, is what this is all about. Simply click the link at top of this description to join the fastest growing alliance on Kingdom Craze. Our plan is to build the largest alliance on the site. Click that link now.

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As you earn Krun in Kingdom Craze, you can either cash it in, or reinvest it into more estates, which will earn you even more money! Soon, you will also be able to purchase items such as electronics and more using Krun!

That is one of the most exciting things about Kingdom Craze. While it is growing WORLDWIDE at an incredible rate, it is still in its infancy. So NOW is the time to get in and become part of a huge alliance! By allying your self now, you will be in the upper levels as Kingdom Craze continues to grow! We’ll dominate!

This is for real. I have already earned money on Kingdom Craze. And I plan to earn a lot more! I was fortunate enough to be in the loop on this project, which is why you can get in now using the link at the top or bottom of this info. This is truly exciting, and you can get in on it!

How is it that Kingdom Craze can afford to let you get paid to play games? Advertising dollars, of course! But this is not a site that requires any downloads or such foolishness. You just play games. And get paid!

So jump now at this opportunity, and join Kingdom Craze Alliance, and start getting paid to play games!

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Appstation Is an existing program that has been around for awhile, I have been using this in my phone farm on/off with great success.

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How to Develop the GAMESENSE of a Pro Gamer and Become an Esports GENIUS

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Imagine if we could just absorb more information and learn at a faster rate. what if you could learn and develop at a faster rate?

If you could retain more information and learn at a faster rate, you would develop a genius level of game-sense and a pro-level of understanding for the game. You would finally be able to out-think nearly any opponent and push through to a higher skill level.

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JOB SIMULATOR – Renegade for Life – TFS Gaming

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Vegeta travels to the far future to learn about this peasantry known as a “job.” How does our royal prince handle Job Simulator for the PlayStation VR?!

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The Try Guys Compete In A Pro Gaming Tournament

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Zach and Keith have just 4 days to learn how to compete at a professional level against world champions Cloud9 and Deadmau5 in a PUBG video game tournament. Somehow, it will all end with a chicken dinner and a pie to the face. Watch the full stream here!

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Video Game Tester How to Get Paid to Play Games!

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Google Snipe – This system is awesome!:

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